Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sick Day

We make a lot of pizza here. Generally speaking, we buy dough from Trader Joe's as it's delicious and easy to work with. While Shawn is a veteran pizza maker, I've never made dough myself. A new test for my mixer and it's dough hook!

Making the dough was super easy even though I was impatient to let it rise. It ended up being just a touch larger than our pizza stone so I had a little extra to play with. Just enough for one breadstick. I seasoned it with basil, nutritional yeast and garlic powder and put it in with the pizza.

The pizza turned out a touch crispier than the usual pizzas. It was so easy and relatively quick I definitely foresee more homemade crusts in the future.

I also finished the never ending hat project today. A few months ago I got some great organic cotton yarn to make a hat for Shawn. See, he only wears orange hats. I set out to make a hat with a simple cable stitch. It turned out to be too big. So I tried to make a simpler double knit hat that would be more like one he already had. Without a pattern though, this was a much more difficult task than I anticipated. The version you see above is the fifth incarnation of the hat. Finally it turned out right!


Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

I always mean to make pizza dough, then buy it from TJs as well!

ashley said...

i recognize that dude! AND that hat!!!!!!

was so awesome to meet u guys at the potluck.

those sandwiches were the best thing ever.

jd said...

Mmmm... breadsticks! That looks delish!

Also, that hat turned out great. I don't have a knitting/stitching/sewing bone in my body, so I'm definitely impressed :)